Boss tattoos is a collective Tattoo Studio offering 3 spaces (the tenant artists can be viewed here) in Central and Northwest Calgary, and now South Calgary. So what does that mean (collective)? Every artist is an independently, self guided experienced creator. Each artist has different styles, and strengths to bring to the table. We fully encourage you to take a look at each artist and their personal websites to see what style lends itself to you. Each artist manages and controls their own schedule, so dealing with each artist will be a different experience. All of the team is top notch. Being that each artist is their own business, emails are encouraged to be direct to the artist list through the contact page form, or can be sent using the artists contact info as listed below.


Due to the artists within the space being of a custom art, by appointment nature, they generally do not take walk-in tattoos. BUT can offer what we would call a Call-in. This is to ensure the availability of an artist. This option if for smaller single session tattoos, not for sleeves or larger tattoos that require sufficient planning. To inquire about the possibility to get in for a same day session, we recommend to call in. If it’s not possible, we will always try to connect you with an artist within the next couple days.

We recommend that you CALL or TEXT direct




Good art is developed from ideas. We will take your ideas and create artwork that flows and works together over the contours of your body. This “flow” is especially important with larger pieces. We will try to incorporate specific ideas, but  feel that the best pieces are produced where maximum creativity is applied. Each piece is designed just for you, so spend some time and develop a short list of your thoughts and priorities. Every artist has their strengths. Look over the artist’s portfolio to insure that he specializes in the style you prefer. Do your homework!

Always think ahead. Most tattoo virgins think they need to start with something small. The truth is that your best chance at getting art with incredible detail and flow comes in a larger size. Smaller old tattoos can be covered with varying success, but it is much better to have a design that works together from scratch.

Also, you want to keep the main theme simple. Too many images jammed together often isnt visually appealing. One or two major focal points, and perhaps one or two minor elements provide the best format for an attractive tattoo. Clutter is the enemy of flow. Also, text is best incorporated as a part of a banner or ribbon, not simply plopped onto an image.

Quality is what lasts. Meaning is important, but what makes a tattoo great is artistic quality. If it’s good, it will always be good. We want you to be as proud to wear it as we are to create it for you!

All tattoos are by appointment

Contact info below


John Stuart          email - bossmantattoos@gmail.com          instagram - @bosstattoos

Saga Anderson         email - rollingbass@hotmail.com          instagram - @inkbysaga  

John Roberts          email - john@robothousetattoo.com          instagram - @johnrobertstattoo

Erin Belley          email - erinbelley@hotmail.com          instagram - @erinbtattoos

Amy Jilliane          email - amy.jillaine@gmail.com          instagram - @amyjillaine

Yvonne Koprnicky          email - yvonnetattoos@gmail.com          instagram - @yvon_ink



Peter Loyoza          email - musikchink@gmail.com          instagram - @my_ideas_never_die

Rebecca Rouge         email - rebeccarougeink@gmail.com         instagram - @rebeccarougeink

Whitney Thompson         email - coppertoparts@gmail.com         instagram - @copper top_arts

Anthony Ashman         email - aescman@hotmail.com         instagram - @anthonyashmantattoos

Sarah Wilson         email - sarah.wilson.tattoos@gmail.com         instagram - @saraknid

John Stuart         email - bossmanattoos@gmail.com         instagram - @bosstattoos

Emily Clare         email - emilyclaretattooer@gmail.com         instagram - @emilyclaretattooer

Autumn Dancer         email - autumndancer1@hotmail.com         instagram - @missautumndancer



Angie Demeter         email - angiedemztattoos@gmail.com         instagram - @angiedemztattoos

Richard Andrews         email - r.andrews.tattoos@gmail.com         instagram - @drewtattoohsc

Nathan Harker        email - nharker89@hotmail.com         instagram - @nathanarte

John Stuart         email - bossmanattoos@gmail.com         instagram - @bosstattoos

Melissa Bennett         email - mountainsofmadnesss@gmail.com         instagram - @missmelissatattooer

Francisco Ordonez         email - tattoosbyfrancisco@gmail.com         instagram - @darksideofthewall